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Abetment to Suicide in Pressure Creation in False Accounting , Intensionsly via @RBLBANKCARES

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Credit Card Complaint  Post date : November 13, 2020
  • Region :  West Bengal
  • City :  Kolkata
  • Address: Gangotri Apartment 4th Floor 4E Garia Garden Garia Kolkata - 700084 West Bengal

Respected Concern

Please investigate mine issue, you will see how #RBL every Month on mine EMIs taking 18-24% ROI INT annually along with 18% GST on Monthly Statements INTEREST! ratio amount on? + Other Charges and too Charges Extra Rs 1371/*-1471/-*every Month on an Issue Rose due to their delay but was Settle via Ref No 17898617 in 18th* June 2020.

Overcharges’ in Illogical Strategy as 3 EMI With GST Suppose Total Amount I have to Pay Every Month Rs 3800/- but I Payed Suppose these Month Rs 5,500/- and NXT Month same Rs 3800/- I have to Pay but I Paid Rs 2100[5500-3800=1700-3800]{Try to understand}.

Mine Query too in W2PMO , RBI , FinMinIndia , Hon'ble Rashtrapati Of 1 INDIA is that How GOI can take on Such ROI EMI 18% GST Monthly and How #RBL Charges extra these that EMI Fees and how too on Fixed EMIs ROI already Booked i.e. 18% - 24% changes there ROI Directly 41.43% annually , do here Our CONSENT , asked ..WERE IS RBI and Government Regulatory Bodies activeness here? ..

Now again they have charged me extra on the name of fee and charges and without informing me , my limit is revised also , they even in excel falsified mine Statements and as like EMI Converted Amount , presented its as Over Due and too Total Outstanding Amounts etc Confusion creating it with Minimum Amount , Paid , if a Concern cross check there excel Data send mine said to be statement as per them , very error… would be found and its knowingly they doing to Confuse/Puzzle and Divert the 22/10/20 email ROI they had send which after killing time would in near future they might say they have notified it to me as like they now overlook the above Ref No as they replied the then , similar way then for these too they might issue create such and might excuses as why I didn’t response the then of which the day I received it I objected to it in reply same in many other online Grievances Portal Lodge mine “Objections” etc .

I am mentality disturbed and harnessed due to which and getting losses to.

Kindly help me and take appropriate action on same and whenever I try to bring these issue they, divert it other way and doesn’t Call Back as per mine Preference Requested Time and if Call “ MISSCALL “ ,… and latter via emails reply they had tried to call me but unable to establish contact with me as I didn’t picked the call etc , several screenshot to call recording in emails/twitter via send to most.


Note-Intentionally Pressure Creating in False Accounting , Resulting Consumer Abetment To Suicide

Remark - I Haven’t Taken Moratorium and Paying Timely but they Falsify Doc [Statements] , Matter Settle issue loopholes using , Confusion creating trail , to GAIN #RBL Profit in #UNFAIR ETHICS BUSINESS TRADE PRACTISE MEANS WRECKENESS VIA METHODLOGY/STRATEGY… and Overcharging in eStatement Generation Day 1371/*-1471/-* + Total Outstanding & - Available Balance .

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Abetment to Suicide in Pressure Creation in False Accounting , Intensionsly via @RBLBANKCARES Abetment to Suicide in Pressure Creation in False Accounting , Intensionsly via @RBLBANKCARES Abetment to Suicide in Pressure Creation in False Accounting , Intensionsly via @RBLBANKCARES

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