Fraud by signature linkers Pvt limited not refunding the money

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Travel Complaint Complaint Date: September 28, 2020
  • State :  Haryana
  • City :  Karnal
  • Address: House Number 1270 Sector 7
Signature linkers Pvt LTD is a fraud company run by Mr. Anuj Pandit. Adress of company is
K-28 phase 2
Lajpat nagar
New Delhi
my husband received multiple calls from the company to attend their promotional program and offered free din and free trip as a gift in hotel Ambros Kurukshetra.After reaching there His company's executive Mr. Abishek(9654706098)and Mr. Devender(9555503015) offered us a member ship of 5 years in 55000 rupees . Which we were not interested bt they assured us that money is totally refundible if in future we are not interested in continuing it or of we faced any issue. They promised different gifts offers and 25 percent discount on national and international flights after taking that membership. By pressuring that this offer is valid for one day only and money is totally refundable if we want to discontinue before availing any trip they convinced us to make payment by credit card. They offer that we can pay amount with no interest Emi in 3 years. They assured us that now we didn't have to pay a single penny for accommodation and food under this membership of 5 years. Stay will b in 5 and 7 star hotels and resorts. They told us that everything they promised will be given in written in agreement form by the company. Then they engage us in dinner. While that they take credit card of my husband and deduct amount of 55000 rupees. Post dinner when we asked for agreement they said that senior has left due to some urgency and you will received that by post. They convinced us to not to worry We were helpless at that time. There was no option left than to wait for their post. They send membership card and a letter to us. Clause s mentioned were totally different in that. Not even a single thing that they promised was written on it. After that we also came to know that Emi is also coming with interest to us. We called the dealer Mr. Abishek and Mr. Davender. They assured to solve the problem in few days. When we called after a week again. They stop taking our calls. Then we contacted the customer care. Surprisingly they have only one girl who attend calls and manage emails. She behaved very roughly. Did not talk properly. On asking about the refund she told us that money is not refundible at all and When we ask about Mr Abishek. She said he has left the job. It was a shock for us After that I search about them and found that have cheated thousands of people in same pattern. There are many complaints and fraud cases about them different platforms. After talking to many people who got cheated by them I somehow manage to get number of owner. I talked to him about the fraud. He told me same concept that our executive who offered you package by making false verbal promises have left the job. He convinced us to take a trip and then if we are not satisfied we can file a complaint. But later on as I searched more about their fraud
I came to know that ask for more money to book the trip and food in the form of AMC and utility charges. Still after paying that your booking did not get confirmed and when you reached the place you came to know there is no booking. U and ur family harrases more. This has happened to a lot of people and moreever when they have not keep any promise of theirs. There is no point of trusting them again and one other thing if you check the accommodation provided by them in their so called signature app. Maximum are one or 2 star accommodations which one can get just in 500 to 1000 rupees per night terrific. So giving AMC of 8500 rupees and utility charges etc is a total wastage of money. It is a part of their fraud to hrasse you and robbed more money. Now when we deny the owner to give more money and asked for refund. He has also stopped taking our calls. We are totally harrased now. They are a big cheat. They have a fraud company of some robbers cheating people from a long time. Now I want my hard earned 55000 rupees to be refunded. Even there should be penalty on them for mental Harrasment. As they are also eating interest on our money.
Amandeep Khurana
Complaint Against : Signature linkers Pvt LTD

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