Complaint Against OLA cab booking service and overcharging money

M D Giri / Taxi Complaint / December 24, 2015 / Delhi / Delhi

Address: 20, Sahyog Apartments Near M2K Cinema Pitampura

Dear Sir, This is in reference to my Booking ID TFS-AT-C44304915 from Airport T3 to Pitampura. The booking was made through OLA App dated 25.11.2015

The vehicle number was DL 01 RT 7967 and the name of the driver was Dheeraj Kumar.

The fare amounting to Rs.322 including service tax was charged from OLA Money, electronically. However, the driver insisted to pay him Rs.150.00 on account of service and parking charges which was never charged before ever. However, I preferred not to indulge in arguments and paid him Rs.150.00.

Please be informed that driver also picked me from the last lane where only private vehicles are allowed at arrival terminal of airport T3. The driver reached to the pickup point after making booking for taxi through OLA APP within 3-4 minutes. I had not booked the taxi 2-3 hours before that makes me liable for making me to pay parking and other service charges. Driver had also told me that he has just dropped a passenger at airport and shall reach to me in 5 minutes.

The message that I got from AM-TAXIFS also reads “Kindly pay the driver Rs.0.

I consider it as deficiency in service and overcharging.

I had registered a complaint with TAXIFORSURE on 25.11.15 itself and got a reply from them admitting that Rs.150/- was charged towards airport charges which is government charge.  I am a frequent traveler and I know that there is no such charge government has imposed.

I again had written an email on 27.11.2015 seeking clarification on the matter asking 3 questions:

1. I would like to know if the State Government of Delhi or the Central Government of India has started charging the said Airport Charge amounting Rs.150.00.

2. When the Airport Charge of Rs.150.00 was introduced?

3. Why this Governmental Airport Charge of Rs.150.00 was not included in the invoice and charged from Ola Money and why did Taxiforsure preferred to charge this Airport Charge in cash through driver?

Unfortunately, I did not get any reply though I had sent other emails on 01.12.15, 07.12.15 and 15.12.12 for resolution of my complaint.

I have all the emails exchanged with TAXIFORSURE readily available with me.

I would like you to take up the matter and do the needful for reimbursement of the amount so charged fraudulently.

Although the amount is small yet I can not allow charging me or any passenger by unfair means. I am sure and confident that you will do the needful at your end and provide me with an early resolution.


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    by MOHD FAZIL:

    i have travelled today with CRN no. 362132093. i went to IGI airport and back within 3 min from there. i have already paid 150 rs as toll or entry to the IGI. but billing was 566 and the same amount was charged by the driver. i have call after seeing the brake up, he tolled u will pay 150 aqnd 150 friom both side. he didnt in favour to return my money. what i have to do? the name of driver was irfan md.
    i m requesting u, u have to take stringent action against the defaulter. this type of activity i think common for airport services.
    the second thing is that before it i have booked in share, the driver kishan has denied to go. again i have booked as sedan the same was booked and also denied after calling. the OSN no. 167838895. what the hell is going on in ola now. after calling the driver was denied with this word is, subah subah share me nahi jaunga.

    Worst driver hired by ola by Mayur sochar:

    complain of a diver of ola

    This is mayur m sochar from mira road want to highlight some issues which I had today.
    Today when I was travelling to kandivali one of your car driver parked car in middle of road i just asked him to keep his vehicle side at this moment we had argument and he just punched on my face because of which my hot severe blooding IN my face.
    This incident was also highlighted to LALJIPADA police station.
    I have already filed non-conginable case in the name of Ola cabs.
    I also visited your chakala Andheri office which provided me 033553355 when had a word there it was Mr sohail who misguided me after again calling MR paras who is floor supervisor told me to send the mail.
    Now my main concern is what action OLA cab will take regarding this.
    i want action to be taken against the driver and transport company or else I will carry this matter with the higher authority and will do everything in legal way.
    Here I am attaching photos of drivers driving license and pic of car which says it was omkar tours and travels.
    i need an urgent reply from you regarding this matter.


    I booked ola micro cab in morning to catch train from NDLS station booked cab at 04.20 a.m driver NARAYAN 9810938731 WHITE WAGONR DL1RT5967 was already there in patel nagar he said he knows he will be there in max 5 min after 20 minutes I called him n he asked what is your drop point I said I already entered its new delhi station he said I don't want to go book another cab,as it is only 8 km from patel nagar the bill would have been for example RS100-RS120 max he said I don't want to go....

    I almost missed my train had to take auto as the other ola driver again called n was in karampura arrived so late then I had to take normal auto paid double but still managed to get on station atleast good the treain was late otherwise I would have complained directly to police station about rude n abusive n unprofessional behaviour of NARAYAN 9810938731 WHITE WAGONR DL1RT5967 .

    ola cab driver and customer care response by aviosweet:

    Today tried booking a ola cab from my place to Koyambedu bus terminals at 8:00pm and cab was suppose to arrive at 8:10pm but didn't came till 8:25pm when checked with the driver, he informed that he got a flats tire. All this was informed after we called him, there is no information from Ola or from the driver. When checked with the customer care, he informed me that it was not allowed to call the customer. When asked for a remedy he asked me to cancel the ride and book all over again with the stupid app. When did again, the driver cancelled without even checking with us. Such a rude behaviour from a service like this is really discussing and due to which I am unable to catch my bus which makes me to loose ₹1000which Ola is not responsible of. Hope I may get some response at least on their behaviour. Please let me know how and to whom this has to be escalated. As I feel they are just thinking the customers as a bunch of jokers and has no other job other then just playing with their stupid app

    Adding drivers detail
    Mariyarathinam - mini white indicia - TN11S3709
    Alan - mini silver indicia - TN22CV0239

    Overcharging by OLA cabs by Kalyan Mukhopadhyay:

    Since I received no revert yet, today (13.07.2016) I had a talk with your useless customer care. They appears to be not educated enough to handle customer complaints and forcibly telling and arguing that airport entry charges are applicable for Terminal 1 (IGI A/P) also.

    Ridiculous OLA Service by Saksham Chandra:

    Hi Team,

    Really hatts off too you guy's for experiencing me ur ridiculous services, today I got this lovely experience from you guy's, I m ur one of the regular customer who had experienced ur services and share the experience with my relatives, even when I visited Delhi also people suggested me for the second option which is Uber but there also I preferred Ola, but today I have got such a bad experience from ur side that it's really shameful that OLA one of the rising company leaving this kind of impact on the customer...
    Today I have booked 3 times from OLA and all the 3 booking got cancelled from driver side...
    I m standing and waiting for ur cab and ur driver's were busy in cancellation, even the first booking I made Rishi Kant UP32FN9889, he had cancelled my booking from his side and in next few minutes this fellow is having another customer in his cab and moved from infront of my side, I have booked ur second cab that also got cancelled by driver side & 3 rd I have no option I have booked ur Auto & this fellow not even called & not even picked my call, after half an hour I got a msg from ur side that it has been cancelled...

    What a wow experience u guy's have given me...a person waiting for ur cab in this hot season and you guy's were busy in cancellation...

    Mob no: 9670644440

    Cheated and harassed by Reddy:

    Case Details :

    1 ) I raised a cab request at 2:10am early in the morning ,i waited for 25min where on my mobile it shows 1min for pick up but cab driver did not respond for more than 25min i called from different numbers also for more than 5 times to driver name Raghavendra no response i called to this number 9964805373 cab number KA50 7058 **** this is first biggest harassment for me in cold.*** so i cancelled

    2 ) i raised a new request where yuvaraj is driver (9066339005) ka03 AC 7092 he is on the way to my location but some other driver he has taken my mobile and cancelled the trip he assigned new trip

    3)again new trip raised by chanda mouli, but connected to ganesh he cancelled the trip.

    4)Again the same chanda mouli(ka02 ae 7035 contact 8867401605) raised a new request this time he given my mobile back to me and he left..(the worst fellow i have not seen ever .he is not giving my mobile back he shouts wait can't you wait for 5min).

    5) then he told to go in yuvaraj cab who is monitoring all this ...yuvaraj got a new trip in mean while ..he told i cant help was almost 45min on road with such a cool temperature..

    6)i dont have ola cx care number so i asked yuvarj he gave me he is 1st witness ... and the passenger is in yuvaraj cab is also witness for all this harassment and passenger asked me if you are gng yaswantpur you can come in mine
    but my location is taverikere .. even he felt so much bad about this...

    7) AND the most and worst experience with kiran floor supervisor routine dailoges will take action on him, book a new ride, go safe to home i asked with out going ride my 2nd ride completed but he says no your coupon is there you can use it..he don't have the process knowledge also ..then i applied by believing him its not working ..again i called its not working his resolution you have 50rs off use that as if i don't know that..i asked justification but he says he will not give..

    8)At-last after 1:30min i reached my home with all this harassment

    Complaint regarding frequent denial of pickup by Tyag Chadha:

    I have been regular to OLA still if drivers are denying duty and asking us to cancel the rides, and if we make more than 4 cancellation OLA IS BLOCKING us for 24 Hrs. When it is totally fault on their side. Still why the consumer should suffer.To add over that we are receiving fake invoices in the case where driver has called us and asked to cancel the ride

    Extra and high charges from ola Cab by Kailash Pati Suman:

    I have hired ola cab today from new delhi railway station to rohini. It was total 23 km and the total charge for this was Rs.628. The car no is DL1RT0493. The AC for the car was not working at all. We were sweating like animals. The service was so worst although i am higly charged. Kindly do something.

    Harassment by Ola by ATUL NARANG:

    I had no issue with Ola until today morning, I have been using Ola since last 2 months and it has been a good experience overall until today.

    But, today, I had such terrible experiences with Ola, one after another, I am sure I will not be using Ola in my entire life. Some olamoney I have got in my wallet, I will use it some other way..

    List of today's ugly and bitter experiences..

    1. 8:10 am -- It began with the Ola booking, OSN 61735407 -- After booking, I called the driver and he told me that he is at the gas station and I will have to cancel the booking. So, why in the first place his cab was booked?
    Ok fine, bearable till now.

    2. 8.11am -- Ola Booking - OSN 61736137-- Babu Tanwar, Driver arrived at the pickup point, I boarded the cab, he tapped his touch screen device, my money got deducted and he said, my booking has been cancelled. I said, I did't get any message of cancellation.

    I called OlaCare, explained the executive about it and then she told the driver to drop me at the destination. After a while, he picked up another passenger and he had to go to Rohini and I had to go to Faridabad. Totally opposite routes. So,

    I called up OlaCare again explained her the situation, she told me that she could not see any booking, I was baffled, why there is no booking when nobody cancelled it. Driver asked me to deboard his cab and I had no choice.

    After deboarding the cab, I called the OlaCare again and asked how and why my booking was cancelled? She checked and said, my booking was not cancelled, but completed.
    How could my booking got completed while I was still at my pickup point and it was completed instantly..

    All this consumed a lot of time.. and I got late.

    Executive apologized and said I will be refunded and all, but that's not the point.

    I was in confusion, whether I should go or drop my plan, but later I decided to go anyway.

    3. 9:29am - Ola Booking - OSN61824011 - Manjeet Singh..Now PAY ATTENTION WITH EXTREME FOCUS..
    What happened was beyond my expectation..
    - I called the driver and explained him the very straight and clear route to my destination. I told him to come via IGNOU road and take a turn from Bikaner. After waiting for a while, I saw in my mobile, it showed, 'Your cab has arrived' and timer started.
    - I saw, there was no cab anywhere around my vicinity and called up the driver again and he said, forget about the 'Cab has arrived'. He went in some wrong direction and is coming.
    - I kept waiting outside, after a while I called him up again.. I asked, bhaiya kahan pahunche? Brother, where have you reached? He said very rudely, 'aa raha hun na'. I am coming. I said, I am only asking, 'have you found the right way?' He said, why are you getting impatient? I said, because you have made me stand here, cab is showing it has arrived and I am unnecessarily waiting for the cab. I said, Jaldi aa.. come quickly, he said, TERE BAAP KA NAUKAR NAHI HUN'..
    - It is intolerable to hear this thing from third class drivers of your company.. First, I got late because of Ola and your driver was wasting my time and I was standing at the pick up point and when inquired, he talked to me like that.
    - That statement of your driver resulted into very ugly verbal spat between him and me. I want Ola to check the call recordings what happened.
    - That driver was representing Ola and I hold Ola responsible for such experience..
    - I cannot tolerate this..

    4. I still decided to book another cab. 9:53am - Ola Booking - OSN 61860635 - Harvinder Singh..
    - I called the driver and asked him where is he. He said, he is near Saket and asked me where I want to go. I said, Faridabad. He said ok. It will take around 10 minutes.
    - I kept waiting for 5 minutes and then, I got a message that my booking has been cancelled.

    Finally..I dropped my plan.. as I got late.. All this Ola cab non-sense consumed a lot of time and I would have reached my destination within 1 and a half hours, the time it took to book and wait for drivers.

    Every time, I called, your executives apologized... Fine, but apologies are almost meaningless..It is so easy to say sorry.

    No doubt, I will not use Ola again in my entire life, though until morning, I was happy with the cab services..I will certainly talk bad about Ola any chance I get to. I will certainly advise people to avoid Ola everywhere possible.

    For sure....
    I cannot tolerate the way I was treated at any cost. No driver, no Ola representative can talk to me like that.
    It does't matter who that driver was, I booked a cab with Ola and I was treated like that by somebody representing Ola only..
    Ola is entirely responsible for all the driver's conduct..