Fake Company & Fake Lawyer asking for a ridiculous amount of money

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Fake Company Complaint Date: August 11, 2023
This girl one day contacted me for online data entry job. My work was to fill 370 forms in 5 days and they'll pay me 18000-24000 something for it (65 rupees per form) and 5700 registration fee which will be deducted from the salary itself.
They registered me into their system with my personal details and gave me an ID and link to the work portal. I thought it was legit until I started the work. All the forms were fake and didn't make any sense. They were made to be like that so that you can't fill them fast enough or you'll make mistakes for sure.
After a day my ID got blocked. I contacted both the girls (the one who did the registration and the one one who did the verification) but they've vanished. Their help care doesn't work either. There's no company named "Bustermax" and the address is also fake, obviously! So they've been MIA for last 5 days and now some Advocate Associate contacted me this morning asking me to pay up ridiculous amount of money.

[11/08, 12:02] +91 99784 29260: come to court and pay 8 to 10 lakh in court
[11/08, 12:02] Alka: What for?
[11/08, 12:02] +91 99784 29260: call me
[11/08, 12:02] Alka: No I won't
[11/08, 12:03] +91 99784 29260: ok come to court
[11/08, 12:03] +91 99784 29260: now wait for it

(I won't hide the mobile number cause I feel like I shouldn't)
And this is what he gave me as a "proof of his employment" and that he's an actual lawyer

Adv. Sujith Joshi,
District & Session Court,
92/78/6,Vihar Colony, Adarsh Nagar,Jaipur,

The company and the lawyer both don't exist. I've seen multiple complaints regarding the same. So I'd request you to please look into them and stop them anyhow. Many people have already paid them a lot and they still ask for more money. Threatening them to drag into the court.
Complaint Against : Bustermax online fraud Company

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