The hindu -- issue with money refund and worst customer service

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Magazine Complaint Complaint Date: January 5, 2018
This is to Hindu:
I am a regular reader of hindu (About 9 years). I subscribed for hindu tamil edition (Annual subscription) and i paid the amount rs.999 last week of november 2017. I was supposed to get newspaper from dec 1, 2017. I also got the confirmation message for the same and they called me to verify my address too; but i did not get newspaper from dec 1, 2017. I started calling customer care of hindu. They compromised me with different reasons for not delivering the newspaper. I waited with my extreme patience till 9th of december, 2017. After that i raised for refund my full amount since i dont beleive their words anymore. I talked to different customer service executives in chennai named, sunitha, sangeetha, etc. I also talked to the customer care manager mr. Mohanraj. He assured me that i will get refund in 7 days. I waited again for 7 days and then called the customer care to know the status of my refund complaint. They told it will take 15 days to get refund since it is a lengthy process. I waited for 15 days and then i called customer care again. They asked me to wait for 7 days again. Is it the way you treat you consumer like these? I never got to know hindu services this much bad before. Again i got a call from hindu (First time i am getting call from hindu, usually i call them), stating that i will get newspaper from 3rd january 2018 onwards. Come on, my complaint is to refund my money since i am completely fed of your services and the way you treat your consumer. Why do i need your paper anymore? Its been 45 days i am not getting newspaper for which i already paid annual premium amount rs.999. You do not need to deliver paper but at least you have to give my money back. I gave enough time and waited patiently. The lady who talked to me work in mogappair hindu branch. At last, she said we wil refund you if your refund request is accepted. What the rubbish is this? Another word she gave is "if refund is initiated for you, we will detect 1 month of subscrition money from rs.999 and the remaining we will give it to you." again, what kind of service you are giving, i paid the amount for newspaper and you are not delivering newspaper for 45 days and you are gona detect money for those 45 days and give my remaining money. What is the system for? Is it for you profit? I demand the explanation and my money back. being a loyal consumer, i patiently waited for you actions.
Complaint Against : The hindu

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