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Address: Rohini - 110089 New Delhi

Dear Respected Sir,

I, Deepak Sharma (S/O, S.P. Sharma, R/O, B-11/4, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi) would like to register a complaint against Country Club Hospitality and Holidays Ltd., Centerstage Mall, CK-27, N-14, G.B. Nagar, Near HSBC Bank, Pocket J, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh for deceitfully making me buy their Holiday package worth Rs 1,75,000 and thereafter, not honoring any of the commitments made at the time of sale. Their sales staff including their Branch Manager with the ulterior motive of selling a substandard product lured me into making a non-vigilant purchase by offering me extraordinary service + freebies + refund of Rs 4000 and also making me buy the product then and there by creating a sense of urgency with reasons such as ‘Last Day to avail this offer’, ‘Extra holidays + Flight tickets + Food vouchers’ etc. if I made full payment the same day. To my surprise, none of these commitments was ever fulfilled and thus within 30 days of my purchase, I approached the said company to cancel my membership and thus refund my money which was again denied by their mischievous personnel.

Dear Sir, this harassment started with me filling a feedback form at Haldiram in one of the malls in Noida when I visited the said food outlet for lunch with my spouse. I was told that it was a feedback form and that I had a chance to win a free holiday. After a couple of days, I was approached by Country Club Hospitality and Holidays Ltd. on the pretext of free 6Night7Days trip to anywhere in India under the condition of attending a presentation with my spouse. When I visited their Noida Sector 18 office along with my spouse, I was informed about their Holiday packages. Since I had my 1st Wedding anniversary in the month of January, I was planning on buying a holiday package. The Country Club staff sensed that I was just the right candidate for their devious sales plan and started to convince me about their excellent products and services. I was offered:

Offer A:

a. 30 years’ membership with 6N7D holiday every year to be availed every year over the next 30 years

b. One 6N7D free holiday voucher for any domestic property which we could use to travel to Andaman and Nicobar as the company had their “owned” property there.

c. One spa voucher

d. 2 domestic flight ticket coupons to be used for flight not exceeding INR 5000

4 free fully paid holidays (one week Goa/Kerala, all paid including airfare, 3 holidays of Bangkok, Thailand and Dubai)

To sell this membership to me they vehemently claimed the following:

a. That they have “owned” properties in places like Andaman and Nicobar

b. That I could get a guaranteed holiday booking with an advance intimation of one month

c. That all of their properties are at-least 4 or 5 star properties

d. That I could cancel the membership anytime if not satisfied with the membership

e. That it was an offer valid only till that night

f. That I could call either Ashish Pandey or Shekhar Chaudhury or their team anytime if faced with any problem

Apart from the above, I was offered the following since I did not want to spend Rs 1,75,000 in one go:

a. A complimentary fully paid (including to-and-fro flight tickets for 2 members+accomodation+three meals) foreign trip holiday to any destination of three choices (Dubai, Sri Lanka, Bangkok)

b. Fitness and Faridabad Club membership

c. A special DAE card with price of $199 for a week’s stay in 5 star hotels abroad

d. Discounted food vouchers for all the holidays availed during the membership years for all the 6N7D stay at the Company hotels

e. A discount of 4,000, which would be provided in the form of a refund.

f. Additional food vouchers worth 5,000

g. Two extra flight coupons for domestic travel

I was assured that all of the above said would be given to me in writing the very next day since their HO was already closed for the day and thus no written communication could happen the very moment. I accepted to buy the product in utmost faith and made full payment the same day.

Since I did not receive any of the commitments in writing, I started to doubt the intention and thus asked for membership cancellation within 30 days of my purchase which was blatantly denied to me by their sales representative Ashish Pandey. I then spoke with another sales officer who was very kind and humble to us at the time of sale, requesting him to cancel our membership on account of not delivering the promised. To my surprise the sales officer named Shekhar Chaudhary verbally abused me and my spouse using unprofessional language and challenging us to get the membership cancelled. Thereafter, I met with their manager Abhishek Kumar on 6th December, 2015, who refused to cancel the membership and assured to fulfill all the said promises within 45 days which stand undelivered till date. From the date I first wrote to the said company, I have written numerous emails and made hundreds of calls requesting and demanding the services promised to me and later for cancellation of my membership, however, I have been abused, humiliated and have been made to run from pillar to post without any outcome.

I, thus, demand that the said company refunds Rs 1,75,000 that I have paid to them against the substandard product they made me buy + Rs 5,00,000 for all the mental stress and trauma it has caused me and my spouse. I also request you to have the mischievous operations of this company audited, they are known to befool people and extract their hard earned money in the name of offering pleasurable time which we all look forward to. Details pertaining to my complaint can be found in the attachments. Looking forward to a fair redressal of my complaint.

Thanks and Regards,

Deepak Sharma


Rohini - 110089

New Delhi

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