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W for woman charged extra tax - I bought dress at "w for woman Roorkee"

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Shopping Complaint  Post date : February 19, 2019

I bought dress at "w for woman Roorkee" on 26th aug,(sun). On that day flat 40%off sale
was going on in the shop. According to the price tag, my dress was 6999 rupee including all taxes . The shop keeper charged me 4409 rupee, saying 6999 x60% x5%(tax)=4409.

I can't understand why they charged 5% extra when 6999rupee already includes all taxes.
They said if they give 40% discount, GST is also discounted, so they should add 5% to
collect the right amount of GST.
According to my calculation, they should charge only 6999x 60%=4199 rupee.
Or other calculation, as they said the GST was 12%,
first find the original price, then 40%off then again add 12%(GST)
Original price: 6999/1.12=6249.1
after discount: 6249x 60%=3749.4
adding GST :3749.4x 1.12=4199.3

Their calculation is wrong.
I sent emails to the customer care last 5 months but they always say "we will inform within 2~3days" and never reply after that.

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