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Compensation not provided for extreme harassment thrice.

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Jago Grahak Jago  Post date : April 15, 2019

The order MKOO-76448582-120419.
I had ordered frozen items which included curd, arambagh chicken & butter. Those were supposed to be carried inside a chilled box. When the delivery agent came & handed over the items I found MELTED BUTTER, CHICKEN PACKETS WITH WATER INSIDE & HOT CURD. The agent came on a bike & shamelessly said Big Basket never provides chilled box for such LESS Ordered items. I hardly had a hassle free delivery from this company.
I am sure whatever has happened was due to the cheap mentality of agent Chandan Bose. He said he us the head of quality check department. Previously also he had misbehaved me over phone. He is the one who has asked & INSTIGATED the delivery agent to act in this way. I complained against Chandan but this worthless company only gave me 2 TICKET NUMBERS but
never took any strict action against that rogue agent. Ticket No:5525516759 dated 14th March & Ticket No:5537745358 on 19th March.
I demand COMPENSATION of 50% of the total amount for this HARASSMENT I FACED DUE TO MISBEHAVIOR of big basket agent. Big Basket need to provide that as my ordered items were not delivered as it were damaged during transit due to the absence of the chilled box. My mother who is
a retired state government officer & also suffering from arthritis had to run to market to procure these items for which I had placed order at that company. This company is the reason for this HARASSMENT. BUT they denied to provide compensation of 50% of the total amount & severe punishment for that rogue agent Chandan Bose. Big Basket is such a shameless company that they can do anything cheap activity against customers but when it comes to compensation they deny saying that they do not have such policy. They tried to deliver me the same EXPIRED ITEM again & again by sending different agents. When I complained they did NOTHING AGAINST the hub manager. Big Basket's policy is to harass customers & shield their rogue agents.

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Consumer Complaint

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    no compensation provided by big basket Arpita Acharya May 17, 2019

    Consumer Complaint ID : CCNO32039. No action taken by you people to force that big basket to provide me the compensation for the alleged misbehaviour & harassment.
    So, what is the use of this forum if you cannot resolve the problems & secure the interest of the customers???